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Plants and Writing

Plants and Seeds

Our class has really gotten into plants over the past couple of weeks. The projects have stemmed from our discussion about Tikkun Olam and ways we can make the world more beautiful. We have discussed what plants need and we did an experiment with seeds to determine why plants need sun, water, soil, and air. We have done research on our i-pads about what vegetables are ok to plant in the Autumn/Winter and how to grow plants in doors. We have started to sprout potatoes and in a few weeks we will plant our potato sprouts. We are in discussion on what to do with our potatoes after they grow. I will keep you updated in a couple of weeks with more pictures!
Below are pictures of the students observing seeds with magnifying glasses that they first sorted.

During the morning we have writer's workshop. We have been focusing on small moment stories and how we can bring our stories to life. The students have an opportunity to share their stories with the class. On Friday…


Field Trip to Aullwood
We went on an exploration of nature this week at Aullwood. We were able to explore nature using our senses. Our guide, Miss Nicole, took us through the woods, a prairie, and into the nature center.
Exploring a praying mantis.
Answering questions and exploring a spider.

Walking across a creek that they were able to touch afterwards.
Hearing the cicadas and birds in the prairie.
Exploring a salamander that was under a log.
In the nature center they touched a snake!

Finally, the students explored turtles.

Scientific Method
This week we also learned about the Scientific Method and did a science experiment using the Scientific Method. The students, along with Mrs. Hoy's class, came up with a question after exploring pennies on how to clean a penny. The students then did research on their i-pads and then came up with a hypothesis on what they thought would be the best way to clean a penny. The students then were split into five groups and did the experiments that the…

Recycling, Nouns, and Addition

Recycling Project
The last two weeks have been really busy! The second week of school we collaborated with Mrs. Hoy's and Mrs. Komisarski's classes to recycle and then make the world more beautiful with what we recycled. Mrs. Hoy's class led the students on what we recycle, why we recycle, and what we can do with our recycling. We have been working on Jewish Values and we focused on Tikkun Olam which means repairing or taking care of the earth

In Language Arts the last two weeks we have been working on identifying nouns. The students should now be able to tell you that a noun is a person, place, or thing. We went on a noun hunt, unscrambled sentences finding the nouns, played noun bingo, and as an assessment made a noun chart with nouns and sentences that the students came up with.

In Math this week we have been working on addition. We also started our addition timed tests that we will be having about 3 times a week.

First Week of School

We had a great first week of school!!! The students shared their favorite things with the class and made time capsules to open at the end of the year. We are starting to get into the routine at school. We practiced how to do stations, began writing small moment stories, and in math learned more than/less than/the same as.

 Reading about our favorite things which were put in time capsules.

We practiced Stations and how to correctly use materials and put them away.