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Plants and Writing

Plants and Seeds

Our class has really gotten into plants over the past couple of weeks. The projects have stemmed from our discussion about Tikkun Olam and ways we can make the world more beautiful. We have discussed what plants need and we did an experiment with seeds to determine why plants need sun, water, soil, and air. We have done research on our i-pads about what vegetables are ok to plant in the Autumn/Winter and how to grow plants in doors. We have started to sprout potatoes and in a few weeks we will plant our potato sprouts. We are in discussion on what to do with our potatoes after they grow. I will keep you updated in a couple of weeks with more pictures!
Below are pictures of the students observing seeds with magnifying glasses that they first sorted.

During the morning we have writer's workshop. We have been focusing on small moment stories and how we can bring our stories to life. The students have an opportunity to share their stories with the class. On Friday…