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The Eclipse Festival 2024

After a month of hard work, the students wrapped up the eclipse unit by inviting the primary class to attend their Eclipse Festival. Since the actual eclipse isn't until 2024, this is meant to be a simulation of what the real thing will be. To prepare for the event, the intermediate students used resources in the classroom or at home to create booths for their businesses as well as items for purchase.

The primary students were given $100 of Monopoly money to spend at the festival and a form to fill out as they go from booth to booth deciding where to spend their money. 
Of course, the students had to first pay for their event ticket.
Next, students paid for parking and then decided on lodging.  For the outdoorsy visitors, tents were available to rent or patrons could rent space and use their own tent.
For those looking for luxury, The Play Palooza Plaza offered visitors all-inclusive packages featuring nice rooms and unique activities. As an added incentive, price cuts and free p…

Eclipse Unit 2017

Just like the rest of the country, Hillel students (and teachers) went a little bananas over the eclipse in August! 
It's important, when we begin a new unit of study, to determine what it is we already know about a topic. Or rather what do we think we know. Then, what we hope to learn throughout our unit. As the unit progresses, additional questions and wonderings emerge as the students begin thinking critically about their learning and enthusiasm toward the topic grows but having a list of a few questions is a great way to get started. 
In preparation for the eclipse, the students set up their science notebooks so they could document and record data during and after the eclipse.

Each student was given a pair of eclipse glasses and homemade viewing boxes were also created and used during the eclipse.

We learned the differences between a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and annular eclipse. The students created models of the earth, sun, and moon to help them construct what is actuall…