Friday, September 29, 2017

Hillel Talent Show!

The Hillel Talent Show was an endeavor set up by some of the older students. They posted sign-up sheets around the school, created a sign to advertise, and judged the show. 

So many of the students participated and fun was certainly had by all. 
We had joke tellers, a mime, actors, hip-hop dancers, jumping rope expert, Irish dancer, Middle Eastern dancer, magician, and a bowler. 
Clearly, we have a wide variety of talents at Hillel!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Art with Mrs. Martin

As you probably know, Mrs. Martin is both a classroom teacher for intermediate and the art teacher for the school!

She started out the year teaching the students that they can use art to express themselves. She taught about warm colors versus cool colors as well as about different types of lines they could use in their artwork.

Students chose to decorate their names in either warm colors or cool colors and included different types of lines.

Then, Mrs. Martin taught them how to draw a self portrait. They determined which lines to outline in permanent marker and then used water colors. The backgrounds were done in the opposite color scheme as their decorated names.

For instance, if a student used warm colors for his name, he used cool colors for his self-portrait background.


Check out the names and self-portraits from the entire school! They all did such a great job!

Field Day 2018!

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