Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Eclipse Festival 2024

After a month of hard work, the students wrapped up the eclipse unit by inviting the primary class to attend their Eclipse Festival. Since the actual eclipse isn't until 2024, this is meant to be a simulation of what the real thing will be. To prepare for the event, the intermediate students used resources in the classroom or at home to create booths for their businesses as well as items for purchase.


The primary students were given $100 of Monopoly money to spend at the festival and a form to fill out as they go from booth to booth deciding where to spend their money. 

Of course, the students had to first pay for their event ticket.

Next, students paid for parking and then decided on lodging. 
For the outdoorsy visitors, tents were available to rent or patrons could rent space and use their own tent.

For those looking for luxury, The Play Palooza Plaza offered visitors all-inclusive packages featuring nice rooms and unique activities. As an added incentive, price cuts and free pizza were offered to the first students to book a room with them. In addition, students could win a diorama of a room as well as a free 2nd class room by purchasing raffle tickets. 

For animal-lovers, the Paw-za Hotel catered to patrons with pets by having pet-friendly rooms and a cafe that offered human and animal fare. They even offered pet-sitting services for people that wanted a little break from looking after their pets during the festival!

The Eclipse Festival featured a variety of food booths. Logan's Pub had many different pub foods available for purchase such as chicken pasta, salad, and lemonade. 
As vendors made sales, they kept a log of each item and the money earned. 

For a sweet ice cream treat, festival-goers visited Liliana's Creamery. She offered many delicious flavors and even created a special flavor to celebrate the eclipse!

As with every festival, the safety of the patrons is very important. The First-Aid tent was run by a passionate, qualified student. Since you never know when heat exhaustion or a scraped knee will happen, Mrs. Martin would randomly select students to report to the first-aid tent for treatment. Even pets could receive treatment!

When planning for the Eclipse Festival, a few students pointed out the popularity of souvenirs to remember an occasion. These students opened Chavi's Palace selling a variety of items, many of which featured their logo. They sold bracelets, keychains, t-shirts, and stickers. They also offered raffle tickets for a chance to win a solar system puzzle.

Towards the end of the Eclipse Festival, some students had money left over so the intermediate students decided to take up a collection for hurricane relief using the now-empty band-aid box from the first aid tent!

The primary students had such a great time going from booth to booth spending their "money"!

After the booths closed, it came time to choose the raffle winners!

Finally, the main event: the total solar eclipse! Each student received a pair of eclipse glasses and watched as intermediate students simulated the total solar eclipse that will be seen in Dayton in 2024.

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